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Cracks and missing piecesMore cracks and missing piecesMultiple cracks and curling surfaceFine crackle glaze with slightly curling surfaceSellotape damage
There are many types of physical damage that can happen to a photograph , scratches , cracks ,
tears , missing pieces and surface damage ( examples on the side )
there are some programs out there
that claim to fix the first but they
tend to leave a noticeable line
behind often .The best way is to replace the damage with pieces
from the adjacent area by hand digitally, this requires  some skill
and an artist's eye as there often
is nothing appropriate to use and
parts of the photograph elsewhere have to be used. As with missing pieces, what might have been
there can be taken from another
part of the picture or another photo taken at the same time , otherwise sympathetically painted in to seamlessly merge with the original.