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Quotations & Price Guide

           To give you a quotation I require a scan of 600 d.p.i or
           above saved as .png  file for  small photos (1.5 x 2.5 
           inches) anything larger can be saved as a .jpg  file .
           Send me it as an attachment by e-mail together  with
           what you think you may like done with the image.

 £0  - £10         Simple corrections to fading, contrast, sharpening,                              scratch and dust removal .

 £10 - £15         Noticeable fading and re-colouration, damage and  
fine cracks dealt with .

 £15 - £25         Deep scratches, multiple cracks and surface curling,                           moderate damage and fading and
small missing                              pieces .

 £25 and up     Heavy damage/ fading/ tears and large missing pieces                         all requiring major reconstruction .

 £25 and up     Hand colourisation and people/object removal .

                       The above is a just a rough guide and what you
                       require could be a combination of some .

                       When I give you a quotation I will tell you what is                                  required to fix the photograph and if I need any
                       more information
from you.

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